We develop, produce and provide security equipment and procedures with highest effectivity and usage safety.

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We have developed a new and unique reusable restraining device LAPAJ+. It was specially developed for safe restraining and elimination of individuals posing a security threat and is included in the same category as police handcuffs. LAPAJ+ features a locking mechanism which uses a standard Smith & Wesson police handcuff key.


There are many different kinds of restraint devices being used nowadays, ranging from classical handcuffs to thumbcuffs or alternatively legcuffs. The biggest disadvantage of any of the abovementioned devices is the high difficulty of their application that often requires the use of force, skill and certain knowledge of martial arts techniques.

Apart from the restraining itself, LAPAJ+ serves as a precursor restraining device to typical handcuffs as it secures individual’s arms close to his body and therefore makes the person less dangerous and the application of handcuffs faster and easier.

It is also possible to use LAPAJ+ to secure an individual to various kinds of chairs or seats such as those found in aircrafts.

LAPAJ+ markedly increases the effectivity of on-duty actions and the safety restraining as well as restrained individuals.


LAPAJ+ restraining device was designed to enable its application over the shoulders of standing or sitting individual. Subsequently, by sharp movement of its handle, one is able to decrease the circumference of the strip and therefore secure the hands of an unruly individual to its body, making it impossible for him to move his arms. As a next step, it is possible to use the tightening handle to fixate the unruly individual to a seat or chair.


LAPAJ+ was developed for police forces, prison services, municipal police, military, security agencies and various crews.

It is usable in such environments as airplanes, ships, ambulances, police departments, hospitals, psychiatric units and asylums, departments for drug addicts, critical infrastructure buildings and other high-risk environments.

LAPAJ+ is a modern restraining device humanizing on-duty interventions against individuals posing a security threat.

Traction resistance More than 200kg (440 lbs)
Operating temperature -40 °C - +85 °C (-49°F - 185°F)
Stiffener Strip reinforced with lass fibres
Material inflammability Corresponds to UL94-V2
Resistance Extreme drop resistance
Increased UV resistance
Increased weather resistance
Weight 270g (0.59 lbs)
Service life More than 1000 usages
LAPAJ+ Tactical Bag

Tactical bag is a special pouch with MOLLE system that merges functionality with effectiveness. It was designed for police and special forces.

Tactical bag can be worn:
- Over the shoulder
- On a belt
- On a thigh panel

Thigh panel with MOLLE system

Tactical bag pouches with MOLLE system

Aircraft Security Kit - ASK Pelta®

ASK-PELTA®is a set of devices designed to facilitate crisis situation solving for flight as well as other (ship, train, ambulance...) crews. It allows for faster, safer and more effective security protection provision than other commonly used means.

Prostriedky ASK sú veľmi efektívne a ich použitie je podstatne jednoduchšie a bezpečnejšie, ako napríklad použitie klasických policajných pút.

We also provide a practical training for ASK-PELTA® usage which fully meets the ICAO and ECAC CREW training requirements and recommendations.

Escort Restraining Belt - ERB Pelta®

Escort restraining belt was designed for special (flight, medical, long-distance) escorts of potentially dangerous individuals. It does not contain any metal parts making it also suitable for X-ray, CT and MR medical examinations and for self-mutilation prevention.

It was successfully tested by Slovak and Czech special forces and has been used during flight escorts. ERB can be also used as a supplementary restraining device for unruly passengers.


We are a sole distributor of Key Cuff™ plastic handcuffs – an equivalent to disposable plastic handcuffs widely used by security services and police forces around the world.

Key Cuff™ handcuffs are the cheapest equivalent of such handcuff due to their reusability (15-30 times). They can be opened using standard Smith & Wesson police handcuff key (same as LAPAJ+)